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Mama says.......

Don't take things for granted.

You can lose it at anytime..!


*            *              *



 If you can read this message,

It means you have two eyes to see.

Not everyone can,

Be thankful....




*                  *                * 



Don't take your life for granted.

Life is a precious GIFT.


*                 *                   *






The more you recognize and express GRATITUDE

For the things you have,

The more things you will have

To express GRATITUDE for....



*                      *                        *



Sometimes we spend so much time focusing

on what we DON'T have,

instead of appreciating the things we DO have....!



*                             *                          *



Count your blessings.... 

Learn to be thankful for what you do have,

Because things could be much worse.



*                     *                   *


 If you always DO

What you have ALWAYS done....

Then you will ALWAYS get

What you have ALWAYS gotten....!

(Moral:  to get different results, you must make a change somewhere)


*                               *                          *



 If you are going to be a ditch digger, be the best ditch digger you can be.

Always do the BEST that you can do.   




Experience is a very hard Teacher,

Because you are tested first,


Then you are taught the Lesson to be learned.



*                             *                              *




 Just let it go!!!! 

Some things are not worth the aggravation!!!